Working from Home
by Hugh Williams

You’re thinking of either working from home or setting up a business from home. You need to know the basics. This quick guide can help. It contains succinct, practical advice for employees who work from home as well as for those who are setting up a business from home, covering tax, accounting and other rules and regulations that might affect you.

  • What are the tax implications if I work from home: Income tax and Capital Gains Tax?
  • What are my employer’s health and safety obligations if I become a home worker?
  • What expenses can I claim if I run my business from home?

You will find the answers to this and much more in this handy guide.

The book’s contents:
Part 1. Employees working from home
Section 1. Where the government orders or encourages employees to work from home
Section 2. Employees who choose voluntarily to work from home
Part 2. Self-employed working from home
1. Tax Rates and Allowances 2021/2022
2. Tax Rates and Allowances 2022/2023
3. Some popular ways of earning money from home
4. The National Minimum Wage and National Living wage
5. Sample Contents of Full Business Plan
6. Sample agreement where one spouse works for the other
7. Matters that should be included in an employment contract
8. Specimen layout for a set of accounts and how to present your accounts to HMRC
9. Heads of agreement for partnership between husband and wife
10. Specimen self-employment contract.

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