This book combines the letters and memoirs of two of the eight young midshipmen who led the assault on W Beach on 25 April 1915. Weaving between them are the writings of Admiral Wemyss, the man in charge of the naval side of the landings and in whose flagship both young men served.

Being a son of one of the midshipmen, Hugh Williams has compiled this tribute in recognition of the bravery of all three of these men. However, undoubtedly brave though they all were, what is also clearly discernible is both the unflinching courage of the troops they landed – the Lancashire Fusiliers – who, on that first morning, famously won “Six VC’s before Breakfast”, and elsewhere the perfidy of the politicians in Westminster.

This book reveals both the humility and the humanity of all three men in the face of, what turned out to be, a humiliating defeat.

Two Midshipmen at Gallipoli. Price £12 including UK postage and packing.

Two Midshipmen at Gallipoli. Price £14 including EU postage and packing.

Two Midshipmen at Gallipoli. Price £16 including Rest of the World postage and packing.