The 4th Lord Templemore

by Patrick Donegall

Claud Chichester – the 4th Baron Templemore – was the author’s grandfather and he was a typical representative of the Anglo-Irish land-owning families of his day. You could say he was an inheritor of controversy.
Born at the height of empire his motto, if he had had one, could have been “For family. King, and country”- and he was scrupulously loyal to all three.
Here is an account of his life, a life devoted to those three ideas.
It was not always clear, when it came to country, which country he had in mind.
But he seems to have loved England and Ireland in equal measure, which over time and history has been a precarious position to hold.

Published March 2020.

1 Claud’s Background
2 The Early Years
3 Life in the Fusiliers
4 The Tibet Expedition of 1904
5 Peacetime soldiering, The Isle of Wight and Ireland
6 Marriage and a Political Baptism
7 Northern Ireland and the Ulster Crisis
8 1914-1918 War. Irish Guards and the Staff
9 Between the Wars and Claud’s succession to the peerage
10 The 1930s and the 1939-1945 War
11 The Final Years
12 Claud’s Legacy

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