English History (Volume 3) 1760 – 1901

The Continuing Evolution of a Nation’s Identity in Chronological Events
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By Michael F. Morley

History teacher Michael Morley remains fully in control of his subject as the narrative moves into modern times. His eloquence and gentle humour bring British history to life, as before, and add colour, texture and detail to incidents perhaps only previously referred to in headlines.

In this structured and detailed third volume of his masterly series, the author once again conjures a vivid tapestry from his chosen timeline. The range of characters which stand out and the plots and background to events across the decades follow his previously championed chronological framework. For the enquiring intellect, the anthropologically curious and for gatherers of context for their own work, this book and its predecessors promise to be constantly referred to and annotated. A must for every serious student of our island’s storied history.

“It is no wonder that many of Michael Morley’s former pupils have pestered him to publish this book so they might be able to relive his excellent history lessons. (Annette Thornton M.A., M.Litt. Cantab. Lecturer in Classics, University of Reading, 2002 – 2014.)”

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Sections include reviews of George III and the debacle of American independence, a contemplation of the causes and outcomes of the French Revolution, the impact of the Hanoverian dynasty on British monarchy – featuring George IV and Queen Victoria – as well as many sections ranging over the big political issues – and characters – of the day. The industrialisation of parts of the UK, the  growth of the British Empire, and expanded trade around the world leading to Britain becoming the world’s first superpower.

This volume also contains an aggregated index for all three volumes of English History.

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