In his role as a publisher Hugh Williams is often in conversation with the customers of St Edward’s Press.
In nearly every case these conversations reflect grave and widespread concerns about what is happening in the world today, and especially the way both Christianity is being attacked and how greatly Christians are suffering for their Faith.

Hugh claims no authority whatsoever, and freely admits that he could be wrong but, nonetheless, for those who might be interested, here are the conclusions that he has drawn about this worrying subject.

It is possible that others might be interested to read about those conclusions too. Whether they will agree with him is another matter…


  1. The Reformation and its legacy
  2. Those who have admitted publicly that there really is a worldwide conspiracy
  3. The Age of the Enlightenment
  4. Problems with the Theory of Evolution
  5. Scientific practice today
  6. What has happened to the Ten Commandments?
  7. The Second Vatican Council
  8. Biblical and other prophecies about the end of the world
  9. Conclusions
  10. Appendices:
    Suggestions for further reading.
    The Covid Pandemic.
    Is History repeating itself?

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