Tax Answers at a Glance – 2021/22
Instant answers, advice and tips from the experts
By H M Williams Chartered Certified Accountants

For over thirty years, the firm of H M Williams has produced books on business matters for the layman. Since taxpayers and businesses are responsible under the law for a whole host of activities, the firm’s belief has been that such people should have access to easy-to-read business books that demystify the complicated world of tax, accounts, law and business development.

Tax Answers at a Glance is now in its twenty-second year of publication. This perennial best-seller was originally published by Lawpack Publishing Ltd, and is now a joint publication with St Edward’s Press Ltd. Within its covers you will find chapters giving answers to need-to-know questions on business topics such as: Income Tax, National Insurance, the Tax Return, PAYE, Land and Property, Capital Gains Tax, Stamp Duty. There are also advices on how to lay out Accounts and how to plan a will – not forgetting some Tax Do’s and Don’ts, plus tips on How to Save Tax.

Some of the contents:

  • 18 Chapters on all the various taxes – some of which having already been mentioned, but also including Life Assurance, Pensions, Residence Issues, Trusts and Estates, and Universal Credits.
  • 13 Appendices including: Tax Rates and Allowances for 2019/20 and 20/21. What you will need to complete a tax return, How to set out your accounts for the taxman, Gift Aid, Tax relief on investments and How to plan your Will.
  • And a Glossary

Tax Answers at a Glance 2021/22. £20 including UK postage and packing.

Tax Answers at a Glance 2021/22. £18 plus £5.00 EU postage and packing.

Tax Answers at a Glance 2021/22. £18 plus £10.00 Rest of the World postage and packing.