An easy to use reference book that tells you everything you need to know about history.

Historians and academics have long bemoaned the lack of historical knowledge among the UK population. Prince Charles convened a conference, following which he said “…education has become so shallow-rooted that we now lack an understanding of our national heritage.”

Others who attended the conference echoed the Prince’s dispiriting summary, and these complaints have followed regularly ever since. In short . . . We seem to have forgotten our history.

At over 600 pages and now in its seventh edition, Hugh Williams’ From Ur to Us (FUTU) is a book that addresses this very problem. It is written for both the student at school or university as well as for the home.

So what’s so different about this book?

  • The vast index (more than 11,000 entries) is now at the front of the book.
  • The text is laid out chronologically and in bullet-point format – so getting to the facts you need is quick and very easy.
  • You should be able to mug up very quickly on all those historical topics you were taught at school but have since forgotten.

It contains all of this:

  • A history of the world – called “The Story so far.”;
  • More than 240 notes on British history;
  • Brief histories of over 100 countries;
  • The appendices you would expect to find in a book of this scope: Lists of Kings and Queens, Prime Ministers and the like, all for quick reference

Plus – and this is rare these days – the book is not politically correct. It does not pussy-foot about with its content. It is history as it should be taught.

This book is privately published. You will not find it in bookshops or on Amazon and so, to order, either click on the appropriate link below, or contact St Edward’s Press Ltd., on 01793 762417 or email

What people said about the first edition of From Ur to Us:

Olly Figg – Author. From Ur to Us is stunning. It has the same effect on me that the Guinness Book of records did when I was a nipper; although a reference book, it’s compulsively readable. One looks up one thing and then finds that an hour has somehow passed. Riveting stuff.

Michael Morley – History teacher. It is such an awesome production – far better than I had imagined because it is so compact. Its informative nature must have taken many years to collect. It is a marvellous and wonderful production.

Tim Rose-Price – Scriptwriter. I am bowled over by the colossal achievement of this book. It is so much more than a collection of facts. Hugh is a natural educator and every page shines with his unique and contagious enthusiasm for life.

Count Nikolai Tolstoy – Historian and author. A fine book. Wherever it touches on topics with which I am concerned I have found it accurate and comprehensive in its coverage. I think anyone working for GCSE and ‘A’ Level history or university entrance would find it invaluable. For others it would be a great resource for general knowledge – and for solving crosswords! I wish you and your magnum opus the good fortune they deserve.

Peter Deacon – Retired. A first rate book which every family with children should have. It would be a big help not only to the children but the whole family. 11/10.

Harry Mount – Author and Journalist. I think the book is tremendously impressive – if only a tenth of all children knew a hundredth of it.

Jonathan Ruffer – Philanthropist and Chairman of Ruffer LLP. Utterly Brilliant!

Jacky Davies – Deputy Lieutenant. What a terrific book!!! The layout of the book is quite brilliant too.

Brian King – Inheritance Tax Consultant. This is the most user-friendly history book I have ever come across. Was there ever a history book so difficult to put down? Every schoolchild ought to own a copy of this book: it should be mandatory.

Lee-Ann Deacon – Administrator. I do now wish it had been completed when I was doing my GCSE in History. It would have come in very handy.

Comment sent to a book shop who forwarded it to the publisher. Many thanks for your parcel which arrived last Thursday. I am absolutely delighted . What an outstanding work From Ur to us is. As you say once one starts browsing it is not easy to put down. One thing I found very interesting was the list of similar facts there were between Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy. That is certainly something I have learned. This book will certainly be consulted very frequently. A great achievement by the author.

John A Pridige (On Amazon). History as it should be told. This is a history book unlike any other. You will read facts devoid of all considerations to political correctness. This book should be required reading in every school. Essential.

Mick (On Amazon). Brilliant Reference Book. This is a fascinating user-friendly historical reference book that will appeal right across the board – from teenagers to adults, from home-schooling parents to career history teachers. It’s one of those rare books that can be methodically worked through either for study or enjoyment, or just skimmed through back and forth, as the mood takes, for hours on end (I know it because I’ve inadvertently done it!) I can’t recommend this book highly enough.

Dominie Mary Stemp – Freelance Journalist. I have enjoyed your book immensely – and found it very useful for my work as a freelance journalist.

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