England – Our Lady’s Dowry,
by Dorothy Banks

It’s hard to find words to introduce this stupendous work because it is both a very important book and a genuinely extensive labour of love. At 604 pages it is the largest work we have ever published for an author. It is an undoubtedly important historical work, full of lavish illustrations. It is also a work of love.

Possibly the most helpful way of introducing this work is to take you through the heads that the author uses in the book’s contents. They read as follows:

First Part. From the Beginning to 1520 – 70 pages
Second Part/ The Storm Gathers, Breaks and Rages 1520 to 1829 – 38 pages
Third Part. Our Lady Replenishes her Dowry 1800 to 1901 – 200 pages
Fourth Part. The Twentieth Century in more detail – 195 pages
The Fifth Part. Decline and disaster – 6 pages
Thirteen Appendices – 64 pages

Copies are expected to be available from 15th May 2021.

England – our Lady’s Dowry. £35 including UK postage and packing.

England – our Lady’s Dowry. £44 including EU and Russia postage and packing.

England – our Lady’s Dowry. £53 including Rest of the World postage and packing.