Brussels laid bare

This revealing book could be one of the most important documents ever produced about the European Union.

For while others have attempted to reveal what is going on in the rotten heart of Brussels, there has been no-one with the authority of Marta Andreasen, the EU’s chief accountant and responsible for the whole of the EU budget, to reveal just how deplorably the EU behaves when faced with exposure of how it really operates.

Marta was appointed in the wake of the corruption scandal that forced the resignation of every single EU Commissioner; she was given the job of making the EU’s finances transparent and accountable. From very early in her appointment she spotted a €200 million fraud, which she immediately reported to the authorities; but her reward was to be silenced by the EU apparatchiks, then humiliated and finally sacked for her efforts.

These utterly disgraceful goings-on are clearly shown in this jaw-dropping tale. Possibly no other case shows more clearly how the EU, through stealth, deceit and bullying, has become the modern tyrannical dictatorship that it now is.

Brussels Laid Bare. £12.00 including UK postage and packing.

Brussels Laid Bare. £14.00 including EU postage and packing.

Brussels Laid Bare. £16.00 including Rest of the World postage and packing.