101 Ways to Grow your Business Hugh Williams

Often it is the little things that get a business noticed. Small things that create a great impression, a worthy reputation and a string of loyal customers.

While weighty business books abound, this book tales an alternative approach. It has been designed with an easy to delve into layout that is somewhat similar to that used by Robert Townsend’s best-selling Up The Organisation, published in 1970.

Hugh Williams founded H M Williams Chartered Accountants which went on to win three national awards for its customer friendly approach and, before his recent retirement from full-time practice, he wrote down these ideas of simple ways in which a small business can win over customers and grow, usually without working any harder.

“… A great book with great business ideas that you would pay hundreds of pounds to be told on one of those boot-camp courses. Worth taking a day off to read.” South Western Society of Chartered Accountants,

“There’s some excellent advice in it … it’s brilliant.” The Tax Advice Network.

101 Ways to Grow your Business. £15.00 including UK postage and packing.

101 Ways to Grow your Business. £15.00 plus £5.00 post and packing to the EU and Russia.

101 Ways to Grow your Business. £15.00 plus £10.00 postage and packing to the rest of the world.