Gwynne on the Writing of Verse and Poetry
by N M Gwynne

“My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep.
The more I give to thee the more I have, for both are infinite”

Have you ever wanted to write some poetry? – or to teach people, of any age, how to do this?
Composing real poetry – not what has justly been called “chopped-up prose” – is a skill that has been abandoned by modern “poets”, as of the last few decades, and surely deserves and needs to be rescued.
In his usual lively style, Mr Gwynne explains the importance of this all-but vanished skill, and then goes on to explain step by step how traditional poetry – real poetry – is put together, and how to write it.
(The above is from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and as Dame Judi Dench said: “Crikey, you’d like someone to say that to you wouldn’t you!”)

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