Europe on 387m euros a day

Should we be paying so much to an institution whose main policy Tony Blair, a keen enthusiast for our continuing membership of the EU, described as being “. . .  responsible for the starvation of the world’s poor”?

This is a comprehensive and damning account of the EU’s colossal spending; its tawdry and secretive history, the devious and undemocratic workings of its institutions and the sad parade of shifty election-losers, communists and outright criminals who now fill too many of its senior posts – but who draft most of our laws.

Until People have regained the right to be governed only by those they can elect and eject – and until the EU’s policies are no longer causing humanitarian and environmental catastrophe – this entertaining book will be required reading.

This book will be withdrawn from sale shortly.

Europe on 387m a Day – £12.00 plus £3.00 postage and packing